upcoming events & programs

Part of being the church is striving to be a community of loving and caring people. We know that sometimes we all need help and support to get through many of life’s challenges, no matter what age, or what stage of life we’re at. Our Congregational Care team invites you to take advantage of our confidential, caring, compassionate ministries and services. We’re here for you when you need us.

For any of life's emergencies (from the big to the small) we are here to try to help, offering some hope in the form of a listening ear, hot cup of coffee, and spiritual leadership. Please call the church at 403-256-3181 if you need some pastoral care.


compassionate care

A phone call or email to Pastor Nick Coates, Vi Sharpe, or anyone on the Congregational Care team is all that’s needed to arrange visits, phone calls, meals, prayer, baby shawls and baby quilts, comfort care bags for those undergoing chemotherapy, sacraments, and caring cards for yourself or for those in need.

Contact Vi Sharpe or the Church Office or 403-256-3181.

healing ministry

Daytime Appointments are on the fourth Monday of each month at 1:30pm

Evening Appointments are at 7:30pm - Arranged as Requested

Healing sessions support the healing of body, mind and spirit through the practice of gentle touch. These nurturing, calming and restorative sessions help reduce stress and pain, promote relaxation, and enable faster recovery from illness, surgery and injury. Children and adults of all ages ... even pets ... benefit.


labyrinth walk

The Labyrinth is for anyone looking for a spiritual tool that will allow you to turn your attention inward, which can facilitate healing, deepen self-knowledge and empower creativity. It clears the mind, giving us access to our wisdom and inner sources of guidance. The Labyrinth walk is a simple physical activity, a walking meditation, a form of body prayer. This integration of mind, body and spirit presents a whole integrated world where you can have a heart-to-heart talk with your body or your Spirit.

prayer ministry

Believing in the healing power of prayer, this compassionate and nonjudgmental group of individuals receives prayer requests for all manner of situations. Whether you’re asking for help or expressing gratitude, we will pray for you. Privacy and confidentiality are respected.  Contact Fran Porter.

Members of the Prayer Ministry Team:

senior care

Throughout the year we try to offer services for our elder community members such as workshops and presentations on health and well-being, and other events. Do you know someone (maybe yourself) who needs a ride to church, or is there something else we can help with? Let us know.

support groups

We want to support you through all of life’s joys and struggles. A grief support group is offered on the last Wednesday of each month at 10am at the church. Ongoing bereavement support is available. Other support and groups will be offered throughout the year. Please let us know what your needs are and how we can best care for you.



If you require assistance with transportation, the Transportation Program is there for you.

Need a ride? Contact the church office to be added to the list.

Volunteer Drivers are required to complete a Driver Agreement form and to complete a Police Security Check. Contact the Church Office for a volunteer letter to be included when applying for a Police Security Check.

on wellness

A variety of workshops are offered throughout the year on subjects such as mental health, depression, contemplation/meditation, and qi gong.