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Faith isn't going to church on Sundays, it's a way of being, and of understanding ourselves and the world. As we say here, we're all works-in-progress, and we strive to continually become more human by exploring who Jesus is, what God is doing in the world through him, the life is all about, why any of this matters, and all those who-what-where-when-and-why questions. While Sunday worship is an important way to do all that, we also try to set time aside to do that together in other ways. As always, anyone and everyone is welcome at all our programs and events. 

We are currently in the process of revamping all our programs, but here is a small taste of our regular programs available right now: 

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wednesdays at 10am

Each week we gather to drink coffee and explore our faith. Pastor Nick will bring a scripture passage, theme or question, usually relating to what he’s talking about on Sunday, and guide a conversation as we share our questions, comments, stories, ideas and thoughts. It’s part community, part Bible Study, part coffee break! Anyone and everyone is always welcome. Just bring yourself! 

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sundays at 10:15am

(9:45 am for july & august)

Kids are an important part of our community and we want to give them a time and place to explore who God is and that they are loved no matter what. For 3 Sundays per month, kids are invited to Kidz Zone as soon as they arrive at church starting at 10:15am (9:45am in July and August). For the other Sunday, they are invited to join the adults in worship for an All-Ages Service.

If your kids want to stay within worship, no worries (even when they cry and fuss!). There is a nursery in the back of the sanctuary where the kids nap, be nursed, or crawl around. There is also a Play Zone located just outside the Sanctuary with colouring books and toys.


We believe youth ministry is more than pizza parties and sleepovers, but about giving teens a safe and inclusive place to hang out, create friendships, have fun, talk about faith and life, and begin to discover what it means to truly be human. On Sundays the youth either stay in worship or head down to the youth room with our youth leader. They also get together usually once a month in the evenings to go out and do something fun. Keep an eye and ear open to what’s happening each week.

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yearly event

As the Pslamist wrote: "I am fearfully and wonderfully made - this my soul knows very well" (Ps. 139)

We believe our souls are our best friends, our best teachers, and our true selves. How can we discover this beauty, strength and wisdom within? That’s what Soul Care is all about. Join us in a safe circle to explore this mystery.

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every other month

Join us at the pub for a night of good people and good conversations. 

It's a chance to meet some other people, ask big questions, and explore our faith, life, & spirituality. 

Everyone, as always, is welcome, wanted, & accepted. 

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every other month

Looking to explore faith, life, and spirituality, ask some big questions, and do it with some greater people while drinking great coffee?

who isn’t?  SMS is a chance for parents and working professionals to get together Saturday morning and do just that.  

Whatever your questions, wherever youre at with your faith, come on out and join us. 

Child care is provided.