Faith and spirituality are far more than just Sunday morning activities. They are about exploring life as we know it. Wherever you're at in life, faith, or spirituality, we are here to help you learn and grow. Here are some different resources we have used and love and wanted to pass on to you.

people we love

We couldn't possibly list all the people we love and read, but here's a short list to get you going. You may not agree with everything they say - that's not the point, is it? - but they are each asking some important questions. Click on a name within the image to connect to these resources.

 Always on the run or road? Here are some podcasts:

Spend your time online in the most nourishing of ways:

to help you through those peaks and valleys:

Grief: Grief Share, Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Relationships: Brene Brown, Gary D. Chapman, Elizabeth Gilbert

Addiction: M. Scott Peck

Spirituality: Cynthia Bourgeault