planning a service for your loved one

when a loved one is ill

If there is a serious illness in the family, by all means contact us. Our minister is available to visit your family and have prayers with your family and your loved one at home, hospital or hospice.

pastoral care

Grieving the loss of a loved one in a long and complex process. There are resources in the church and in the community to support you in that journey. In the weeks and months after the death, the Minister and Pastoral Care Team are available for you to call on.

about the service

A funeral service is first and foremost about mourning and celebrating; it’s about mourning the loss of a loved one and giving expression to that grief and love, and about celebrating their lives and lifting up how they have impacted our lives. As it is such a personal and subjective ritual, we want you to know there is no right or wrong to have a funeral service. We are here to help put something together that helps you mourn and celebrate.

planning the service

The church that has been the regular place of worship for a family is usually considered the best place to hold this service. For some families, the Funeral Home Chapel is better suited to their needs. While a variety of factors will come into play, we recommend holding a memorial service in the early days or weeks of the death. We will work with you to develop a date that works best.

Services at Red Deer Lake United Church are usually led by our minister. The service will usually include some words of tribute given by friends or family members, favorite passages of scripture, a homily, as well as meaningful music. We will also work with you to tailor the service to your vision and requests.

In addition to the Words of Tribute, families may also choose to prepare a video or slide show as a part of the service.

Our goal is to allow you to come the day of the service and not worry about anything. 

RDLUC Memorial Garden

RDLUC Memorial Garden

the funeral home

Funeral homes provide some much needed comfort and assistance when a loved one dies and can walk you through some important decisions you will need to make for yourself. We suggest contacting one of your choosing. There are a lot of options available and we are happy to help you navigate through them as you identify your needs.


the reception

If the service is held at the church, the funeral coordinators will assist you with the reception. One hour is allotted for this gathering and is included in the service fees. Additional time will be charge at $100. Generally, the food is arranged through a supplier or caterer of your choosing. The church will assist in setup and serving and in provision of tea, coffee, etc.

flowers and memorial gifts

Floral tributes are often a fitting way to honour a life that has passed and to express care for the family. After a service, families will often take flowers to the hospital, hospice or nursing home which provided care for their loved one. Flowers left in the church will adorn the sanctuary for our Sunday Service.

There is also the option of a memorial gift which furthers the work of this church in the name of your loved one.

memorial garden

Another alternative for those who are cremated is available at Red Deer Lake United Church. The grounds of Red Deer Lake United Church include a beautiful Memorial Garden which is a place to return cremated remains to the earth.  Those whose remains are in the garden will have a Memorial plaque place on the wall of the garden and a page added to the Memorial Garden book.


The minister is available to preside at an interment service at the cemetery where we bury the casket, urn or ashes. Most often this occurs on the same day or next day of the funeral or memorial service.

the cost

The Church Administrator will discuss the fees specific to your funeral or memorial service. All may be looked after in one cheque made payable to Red Deer Lake United Church. Prices are subject to change.

funeral/memorial enquiry

Please complete the form below if you would like to make arrangements for a funeral or memorial service at Red Deer Lake United Church.

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