We are really excited about what’s happening in Kidz Zone this year! Throughout the year we’ll be exploring the Lord’s Prayer, having special guests, learning some spiritual practices, practicing wonder through Godly Play, and, of course, so much more. Our hope is that through it all, our kids can learn that they are loved by God, discover the kind of life Jesus opens up for them, and know that church is a safe place for them to be.

We’ll have two Kidz Zone groups this year: Ages 3-8 and 9 +. While Kidz Zone is open to everyone (including parents/guardians if your child needs a bit of support at the beginning), if your child would rather stay with you in the service, that’s totally okay! There’s a playroom in the sanctuary as well as colouring books for them to use during the service. 

We’re also trying something new. We’d like to encourage all the kids to bring with them an offering. Now that can be anything! Whether it’s monetary, a food bank donation, a used toy for the nursery, or something else, we’d love to empower the kids to practice generosity and help make their church the best church it can be.

We’re always aiming to grow and expand, but for now, we are proud to offer these two classes: 

Junior: Ages 3-8

Intermediate: Ages 9+

For more information visit Godly Play

how it works

Kidz Zone takes place three Sundays a month with the fourth week being an All Ages Service for everyone in the sanctuary. If your child wants to go to Kidz Zone, sign them in downstairs at Kidz Zone sometime after 10:15am and our amazing teachers will take it from there. Your child can be picked up and signed out after the service is over. For our All Ages Services, you can just head straight into the sanctuary together.

Here are the dates of our All Ages Services:

Sept 15: Blessing of the Backpacks
Bring whatever it is you carry around with you and we’ll stuff it full of love and encouragement.

Oct 13: Thanksgiving
What are you thankful for?! Join us for a Sunday of giving thanks and practicing generosity.

Nov 3: Affirming Anniversary
Join us as we take some time to celebrate being an inclusive and affirming community of faith!

Dec 1: First Sunday of Advent
We gather together to begin the countdown to Christmas!

Dec 22: Christmas Pageant Sunday!
It’s our annual no-rehearsal pageant where everyone gets involved to celebrate Christmas together.

Checking In to Kidz Zone
Please sign your kids in prior to worship service between 10:15am and 10:30am.


Checking Out of Kidz Zone
Please sign your kids out after worship service between 11:45am and 12:00pm.  

time to register!

If you have children between the ages of 3 and 12 and would like them to be a part of Kidz Zone, RDLUC’s Sunday program for kids, now is the time to get them registered! 

We require that everyone fill out one of our our registration forms, even if you are only with us occasionally. Registration forms can be obtained from the office, from the Get Involved Table or from the Kidz Zone teachers when you drop your child off. This will help us know a little bit about your child, ensure your child’s safety, and keep you connected with any future events. Please complete the registration form and drop it off at the church office, or with our amazing Sunday School teachers, Pamela Linley and/or Kathleen Knox. Any Questions? Please contact the church office.


Volunteer Assistants needed for Junior and Intermediate Kidz Zone Classes

Our teachers work extremely hard and sometimes there is just too many things going on downstairs in class for any one person to handle, so we are looking for volunteers to assist in each class as an extra pair of hands. We have a signup sheet online and encourage anyone to sign up as backup each week. This means you can sign up for one Sunday a year or as many as you want, but we really do need an Assistant down there every Sunday.

Additional Kidz Zone Teachers Required

We are currently looking for some additional Kidz Zone Teachers to split up the Sundays for our current teachers and provide back-up. This is a paid contract position working on Sundays with the children to deliver lesson plans. If you are interested in this position please contact the Kidz Zone Coordinator, Doug Brown and he will let you know what is required to get you in the rotation for teaching and inspiring our kids.