Mental health is something that affects all of us. It affects the way we think about ourselves, relate to others, and interact with the world around us. It affects our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, can disrupt our lives, and create challenges. Whether we ourselves struggle with it, or we know someone who does, it’s something we need to talk about. It’s then we can realize we are not alone, and find the support and resources for recovery and wholeness. 

Red Deer Lake United Church is in partnership with the Cultivate (formerly Collaborative Care Network) and will offer workshops and support groups through which we’ll explore what mental health and illness is, the forms it appears (stress, anxiety, and depression, to name a few) break down the stigma around it, and create safe spaces where we can share our stories and explore some avenues of support and resources available in Calgary. 

For more information on the Cultivate programs (formerly Collaborative Care Network), please visit their website.