boys, men, & masculinity in the age of #metoo

saturday, february 2 at 10:30am
location: sanctuary

Join us for this free presentation by Dr. Michael Kehler - University of Calgary.

Based on his interviews and research, Dr. Michael Kehler will engage us in an energizing and forward-looking conversation about boys and men in the #MeToo climate.

#MeToo is a time in which many are (re)thinking masculinity.  Kehler raises questions and provides insight into men as change agents and activists. Can men be feminists? How can men and women disrupt and dislodge traditional notions of masculinity and what it means to be a man?  What does it mean to be an ally or pro-feminist man? How do we promote, validate, and nurture forms of masculinity and what it means to be a man.  Should ‘boys just be boys’?

Dr. Michael Kehler is Werklund Research Professor of Masculinities Studies,  Werklund School of Education, The University of Calgary.