Red Deer Lake United Church is sponsoring a refugee family!  This is great news of welcome, love, and life!

Red Deer Lake United Church is currently in partnership with Okotoks United and Turner Valley United in sponsoring a family through the Mennonite Central Committee.

All throughout our faith story, God has called people to make room for others, especially those fleeing violence, persecution, and oppression.  Sponsoring a refugee family and giving them a chance to have a home here in Canada is one of the most gracious, faithful, Christ-like things we can do as a community of faith.

6 month update!

Nader, Kinda and 4-year old Senta are moving to Oakville, Ontario and started their 4 day drive across the country on July 10.

Nader has received an offer of a leadership position in the Syrian Christian church in Mississauga from the Bishop covering eastern Canada. As this was Nader’s ultimate goal to work in the Syrian church, he felt he must make this move. Nader spent many years in seminary in Syria before escaping 3 years ago.

A friend has a 3 bedroom home for them to rent in Oakville and they are driving across the country pulling a small trailer with all of their possessions.

Your Refugee Sponsoring Committee, comprised of representatives from all 3 sponsoring churches, Red Deer Lake UC, Okotoks UC , and Turner Valley UC will be supporting them financially until the end of November, keeping our legal commitment to the Federal Government and the Mennonite Central Committee. We are also providing extra financial support for their move to cover gas, motels and meals while they are on the road.

The sponsoring group held a farewell BBQ for Nader, Kinda and Senta in the Okotoks United Church parking lot. Before starting their travels, they were taken to the Stampede parade and the grounds by Rev. Julia Kimmett … something they will never forget.

So we wish them a bon voyage, and thanks again for your financial support to the Refugee Fund.

“We like it here – the smiles on the faces of the people,” said Nader. “Everyone is smiling – on the street, in their cars, shopping, they’re smiling. I know they have lots of problems in their houses, every house has a problem, but they keep smiling, and that’s very nice.
— Nader Khazaal (source: Okotoks Western Wheel)

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