What’s a sabbatical?

A sabbatical is an at least 3 consecutive month break clergy can take after 5 years of service "for reflection, recreation and revitalization, unencumbered by their usual and customary responsibilities, and yet still receiving their usual remuneration and benefits. Sabbatical finds expression in study, rest, spiritual retreat, and prayer” (United Church Handbook). 

A sabbatical is rooted in the teachings of scripture, in Jesus’ example, and in the research which shows such a leave is good (spiritually, emotionally, and professionally) for both the minister and for the congregation. 

what’s a sabbatical mean for us at rdluc?

The Ministry & Personnel Team (M&P) and Rev Nick have agreed that January through April will be Rev Nick's sabbatical. Nick's last service will be Christmas Eve and he will be back at some point after Easter Sunday. Specific dates will be determined soon. 

In Rev Nick's absence, a replacement minister(s) will be found to cover the usual work and duties of the minister. The M&P Team is hard at work on this. 

During the sabbatical Rev Nick will be unavailable for any duties, including leadership, funerals and pastoral care. 

what’s rev nick doing during his sabbatical?

Rev Nick is still putting a plan together but the focus will be on rest, rejuvenation, and exploring different expressions and practices of spirituality.