embracing the crazy - rev. nick coates

What do we do with crazy? Generally we're taught to do one of two things: either gaslight it or tame it. But our tradition offers a third option: embrace it. When it comes to the crazy ideas Jesus offers us like safe spaces for everyone, looking after the poor, and trusting we are all loved our job isn't to laugh it off or rationalize it away but to say 'yes' and embrace the crazy.

rivers of justice: immigration & refugees - rev. nick coates

In 2017 there were 65 million people displaced in our world. That's 1 in 113 people. As we have conversations about what to do with immigration and refugees, we need to know how to have that conversation as people of faith and spirituality. We need to ask: 'What is God saying to us about this?". Turns out, God is saying something we need to hear.

Rivers of Justice: Truth & Reconciliation - Rev Bill Phipps

What does justice look like in our relationships with our indigenous neighbours? Rev. Phipps spoke to us about the challenge of owning the moment and stepping forward to love our neighbours by taking responsibility for the spiritual, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse residential schools have caused and listening to how we can make things right.

sandwiches & being stewards of life and love - rev. nick coates

This week we look at a story about the movement of grace: a story about the God who comes into our sickness, our brokenness, and deaths, and takes us by the hand and lifts us up out of it, bringing us back into health, back into wholeness, and back into life as it was meant to be. The question it leaves us with is 'how will you be a steward of that life and love?'

What we do with our power - Rev. Nick Coates

We all have power. Whether its our words, actions, presence, or how we spend our money, we all have the ability to influence the people and world around us. The question is: how do we use that power? Do we use it for our own benefit or do we use it for the benefit of the people and world around us?

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