worship is sunday morning at 10:30am

Everyone and anyone (we mean that) is welcome to worship with us!

Understanding that worship shapes and transforms us, worship at RDLUC is foundational to who we are and what we are doing as fans and followers of Christ.

We commit to creating worship that is contemplative and active, participatory and accessible, diverse in voice and scope, facilitated through word, liturgy, music, and arts and uses the best of new and familiar modes of worship.

 Come join us for a few Sundays. Get a feel for what we're about. And don't worry about buying coffee on the way here, we've got you covered! 

To find the written sermons and other food for thought, see Pastor Nick's Blog

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"rivers of justice: what we should care about"

Lent is that season of looking at our interiors and exteriors to see what doesn't fit, what’s off, what can be worked on or left behind, and taking the brave and bold step towards becoming who we want to be, knowing that God is with us every step of the way.

Here at rdluc we want to take Lent one step further and use this season to look at our exteriors, at the world we live within, and ask can it be moved towards a world where, as the prophet Amos said, rivers of justice flow freely.

Throughout Lent we’ll explore one relevant justice issue each week and ask 'why should we, as the church, care?'

Feb 18: Why Are We Talking About This?! - Rev Nick Coates.
Feb 25: Truth & Reconciliation and Our Relationship with Indigenous People - Right Rev Bill Phipps.
March 4: Consent & How We Understand Sexual Relationships - Jillian Thompson, Registerd Pyscholoigst and Sexual Health Educator.
March 11: Making Room for Immigrants and Refugees - Rev Nick Coates.
March 18: What Would God’s Criminal System Look Like? - Rev Tracey Robertson.
March 25: Palm Sunday, a Parade of Justice.


Sermon Podcasts are now available at the iTunes Store for you to download.

To find the written sermons and other food for thought, see Pastor Nick's Blog

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Kidz Zone is our Sunday programming for kids ages 3-12 (approx). Our amazing leaders get together with the kids to explore God's love through sharing, stories, games, songs, and crafts. 

Want to keep the kids close by? No problem! Keep your kids with you in worship, or, if you'd like, we have a supervised room in the sanctuary where kids can play and you can still enjoy worship. Kidz Zone starts part way through worship, so bring the family into worship!


Youth Group is our programming for Junior and Senior High School students. It's a chance for you guys to get together, hang out, eat, and talk about the things that matter in life. We want to help you become the amazing people we know you want to be. On Sundays our teens are usually participating in worship, or doing their own thing together.


Music is an important part of how we worship and grow in our faith. Find out more about the great things we do in our music ministry