welcoming you into the church and a life of faith

If you would like to be baptized or have your child baptized we ask that you meet with our minister over a period of time to discuss the ritual and what it means, as well as worship with us over that period to see if this is a church family you'd like to be part of. For questions and more detailed information, contact the Church Office. We'd love to discuss this with you.

baptism - what is it?

Baptism is an important and ancient sacrament that goes back all the way to Jesus. We believe the ritual symbolizes God's love and grace, the new life of faith we find in following Jesus, and the becoming a part of a new family. It is a beautiful ceremony which proclaims you are God's child, and that you are not alone in this faith, as you are surrounded by your church family.

We offer baptism for all ages. With children and infants, the parents vow to raise the child in faith (later in life baptized children go through 'confirmation' where the child goes through a similar process, making the commitment on their own). With adults, one would share their story and profession of their faith. In both cases, the act takes place during worship as the church family will vow to walk alongside you in this life of faith and spirituality. We also offer a blessing service if you would prefer to celebrate privately with family and friends only.