The healing ministry at Red Deer Lake United Church is a practice of gentle touch that supports the healing of body, mind, and spirit, in part by reducing stress, pain, and promoting faster recovery from surgery or injury.

Rooted in the ancient Christian tradition of laying on of hands and encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal, this service is offered free to everyone.

A session with the healing ministry is a gift to one’s self – nurturing and restorative.

You are invited to relax, fully clothed on a massage table and our trained practitioners offer a session customized to your needs. The sessions are private and confidential, and take place in one of our peaceful healing rooms.

Our healing rooms are on the downstairs level. Go down the stairwell just inside the main doors of the church and the blue signs, located high on the walls, will guide you. An elevator just outside the sanctuary is available for those who need it; on the lower level, turn right and at the end of the hall, turn left. The healing rooms are on your left.

If you’re interested in training as a Healing Pathway or Healing Touch practitioner, more information is available on the following websites:

healing ministry appointment booking form

Sessions are approximately one hour long and appointments are arranged by calling the church office, 403-256-3181, or completing the form below. Please book at least three days ahead to ensure we have the space and practitioners available.

Afternoon Appointments: Available at 1:30pm on the 4th Monday of the month, except July and August, when appointments depend on practitioner availability. A member of the team will call to confirm your appointment.

Evening Appointments: Booking based on request received. Please call at least three business days ahead and provide your preferred date and an alternate. A member of the team will call to confirm your appointment.

Special appointments can be made for those unable to travel to the church.

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