church events booking request form

We are excited to receive your request to book an event for the Church!

To help us schedule your event and provide you with information for support services, please complete and submit this form to the Church office, or online below.

 Note: If you are planning an off-site event/activity, please use the booking form to fill in the event name, date, time, contact information and off-site location so your event can be added to the church calendar and to the church advertising. Any details can be filled in on the notes sections.

Please review the Communications Handbook for the procedures regarding advertising your church event.

Your booking will be complete when you receive written confirmation from the Church Office.

  • Check the “Booking Calendar” on the RDLUC website for available dates, and choose the date for your event (and set-up if required). Please keep in mind that we don’t want to overload our wonderful helpers by booking major events too closely together.

  • What is the Events Name?

  • Event Coordinators – please fill in the names and contact information for the key Coordinators

  • Requested event dates – include setup time and takedown time so the complete timeslot is booked for your event.

  • For Fundraising events, please note where the proceeds will go e.g. Capital Project, Outreach etc.

  • Select all areas of the church where your event will take place.

  • Advertising: Let us know what the event is all about. Guides, Slides and Posters are created for all events/programs. If you would like to add Signup Sheet, Road Sign or Worship Announcement, please let us know.

  • Identify what furniture will be needed.

    • Your team will be responsible for setting up and taking down any additional furniture used for your event. The space should be returned to the “normal” setup.

  • Do you need Hospitality Support?

    • The Hospitality Events Team is available to help with serving food and preparing beverages.

    • Make sure that "Safe Food Practices" are used when preparing or setting out food. If you areunsure how to do this, please ask if someone from your group is familiar with these practices and is willing to help, or contact a member of the Hospitality Events Team.

  • Kitchen use

    • "How to" signs are posted in each kitchen, and a booklet containing “Safe Food Practices” is available in both kitchens (upstairs – in the drawer by the fridge, and downstairs in the drawer by the handwashing sink).

    • If assistance is needed for food or coffee preparation, if you have questions about cleanup procedures, or if there are any problems, please call Marj Den Hoed (, Larry Stilwell (, or Wendy Johnson (

    • Please make sure the space that has been used by your group is returned to the condition in which it was found – clean, and ready for the next group.

  • If alcohol is to be served, a Liquor License and Certificate of Alcohol Liability Insurance ($5,000,000) must be purchased and submitted to the office no later than one week prior to the event. The “Serving of Alcoholic Beverages Policy” is also to be reviewed and signed by one of the Event Coordinators.

  • Do you need AV Team support?

  • If you are the last to leave the church, make sure that it is properly locked and the alarm set. If there is no keyholder on your team, please contact the church office so arrangements can be made.

  • Photographs: Please take photos of your event to help keep our Photo Wall up-to date and interesting! Send them to

Any questions? Please contact the church office at or phone 403- 256-3181

Not needing to book an event, but wanting to share good news? Please send it in email to

Maximum Occupant Load Information

When booking your event, please take the following information into consideration based on your expected attendance.


  • Space non-fixed seats = 74


  • Space non-fixed seats = 400


  • Space non-fixed seats = 56

  • Standing: 105

Midlands Link:

  • Space non-fixed seats = 224

  • Space non-fixed seats & tables = 177

Upper Room:

  • Space non-fixed seats = 52

  • Space non-fixed seats & tables = 41

Multipurpose Room:

  • Space non-fixed seats = 77

  • Space non-fixed seats & tables = 61

Lower Hall:

  • Space non-fixed seats = 329

  • Space non-fixed seats & tables = 260

  • Standing = 618

Enter the name of the program/event
This allows us to make certain the space requested is the correct size.
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Main Contact
Main Contact Phone Number *
Main Contact Phone Number
Alternate Contact
Alternate Contact
Alternate Contact Phone Number
Alternate Contact Phone Number
Setup date *
Setup date
This is the time your set up team will need to arrive.
Event Date *
Event Date
If over multiple dates, enter the first date only and add the additional dates below in the message area.
Enter additional dates, if required
This time will be used for advertising your event on the church calendar
Take down date *
Take down date
State the time when you will be finished and leaving the building
Fundraising Event
Is this event for fundraising? If it is an Other Project, please specify in the Notes section.
Location Preference *
Enter all areas you would like to include with your booking
Please submit sign up requests at least 3 weeks prior to the event and road sign advertising at least one month prior to the requested posting date. Road sign advertisements are considered on a first come first served basis.
Provide a short description (less than 50 words) of your event to be used on the website and printed guide. Who is it for? What is it all about? Why would someone be interested in attending? Lengthy messages will be edited.
Furniture required
Tables and chairs can be reserved for your event. Select what you require and specify numbers below. The event committee is responsible for set up and take down of any additional tables or chairs.
Enter the specific number of tables and/or chairs below. eg. A -4, B -3, C - 1, D - 3, E - 40.
Hospitality Team Support *
Does your event need assistance with serving of coffee and tea?
If you are preparing food for this event, a certified Kitchen Assistant is required. The church office will help you make arrangements with one of the Kitchen Assistants on file. Beverages containing alcohol are permitted to be served at RDLUC with restrictions - Serving of Alcoholic Beverages Policy 2010. A liquor license and event insurance must be arranged by the organizing committee.
Food preparation requirements
Specify the kitchen equipment to be used for your event.
Additional support
For events with more than 20 people in attendance will require Custodial assistance for cleanup. Sound technicians are booked with the following fees: $50 for 1-4 hours, $100 for 4-8 hours. For events with a large number of attendees, parking monitors can be booked.
Church Security Contact *
Church Security Contact
Who will be responsible for opening and closing the church for your event. This person will need to have a church key and security pass code. Arrangements can be made with the church office for a temporary key/code assignment.
If the event is off-site, state location. If the event is a fundraiser for other than Capital or Outreach, specify.