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On June 2, we had a working Sunday!  We had the talented Rev. Dr. John Pentland come and share some of his “fishing tips” with us.  A summary of this presentation and some of the questions he asked is available online, through an email, as well as in paper copy at the church.  We are asking you to get involved with this process!  Please take the time to dig deep, reflect and answer the questions posed, so that your Board can hear where you are coming from and where we should go together.  Your Board will listen throughout July and work together in August to come up with a plan that we share with you in September.  This is your chance to impact where we go together!

Step 1 – A summary document of John Pentland’s work will be available this Sunday, June 16.  There will be paper copies and an email will go to everyone on Sunday with the document attached.  Please read it and sit with it.  Listen to God’s voice.  There are three things you can do at this point:  1. fill out the questions and send it back to the church, 2. send back just the “final deep questions” at the end of the document, or 3. do nothing but mull it over. 

Step 2 - Starting on June 23 and will continue for the following 3 weeks – we will have discussions groups in the sanctuary after church with Board members there to ask the questions and listen to and record the responses.  The questions will be something like these:

  • June 23: Why are you here? 

  • June 30: Who is missing? 

  • July 7: What do you want your leaders to do?

  • July 14: What is your role? 

Step 3 - The Board has planned a retreat on July 16 to go over what we have heard and try to figure out if we have enough information to help us to edit our existing vision or whether we need to start again or if we need to ask the congregation more questions.  It all depends on you and how much you are willing to help us learn about how we can be the church together.

Step 4 - In August we hope to have a document for you to review and provide feedback on.

Step 5 - The Board will share the final document/vision with the congregation in September and “vote” and celebrate that we are moving forward together.

[Note: All information you share is anonymous, considered confidential and will be reviewed by members of the RDLUC Church Board only. The form can be completed all at once or as you go - you answer questions as you are ready.]

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